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Supporting Leaders through Change & Transition

Calamity is the test of integrity

-Samuel Richards-




Heartfelt is a professional resource to support Leaders in times of significant change and stimulus. In a changing business culture defined by scarcity, fear, and uncertainty Heartfelt enables essential skill building around traits that are deeply and uniquely human. We believe that people are the foundation of business and transition requires a personal and heartfelt approach.


We are an experienced thinking-partner that assists business Leaders through a highly communicative, vulnerable and visible approach. With extensive experience in merger integration, business transformation and leadership engagement, creating transition leaders is at the heart of what we do.

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We support individuals, groups, teams and communities transition through change in a meaningful, informed and authentic manner.  We believe that a human-centric approach is required to support people through change. We achieve this by supporting the development of leadership competencies to enable timely and successful outcomes.  


Our process leverages industry best practice combined with our extensive experience to connect and engage. Ultimately, we help people lead and thrive through times of change to achieve the desired outcomes. 


Specifically, we are experienced with supporting clients in the following areas: 

  • Acquisition Integration

  • Business Transformation

  • Leadership Engagement.

Acquisition Integration

Heartfelt has extensive experience in supporting business and people through the acquisition and integration process. Our primary goal is to create change leadership competencies and skills to enable your business to achieve change goals in perpetuity. Our intimate and person-centric approach leverages best practice models for change and engagement with the active development and coaching of leadership; we are your thought-partners and guides during times of turbulence and disruption.


< What clients are saying >

"Ryan became my key acquisition integration asset in a time we had limited capabilities to assemble a proper team. He took it upon himself to develop key relationships, evaluate the talent of every key employee and advise me accordingly. I look back now and can see just how accurate his assessments were. He also was able to get to the root issues facing the newly acquired team and began coaching immediately. To this day, the members of this team are all still with us at Iconix and refer to his leadership quite often. "


John Henkels   VP/COO, ICONIX 

Every time something changes in business there is a reaction, or transition process. Heartfelt’s goal is to mitigate the common fear based response to change in corporate culture and approach transition as an opportunity for leaders to grow and thrive, both personally and professionally.


Heartfelt approaches circumvent corporate culture and instead of avoiding difficult conversations and situations encourages leaders to lean into vulnerability when it is necessary to do good work. 

< What clients are saying >

"I worked with Ryan on two major initiatives at Fountain Tire. In 2012, Fountain Tire acquired a 50% ownership position in a chain of nine stores and a retread plant, and Ryan led the integration of those businesses into Fountain Tire, through a comprehensive plan that was very well executed, with great attention to effective communication, and by building relationships and managing the change. 


The second major initiative was in 2014, with the relocation of Fountain Tire’s corporate office, where Ryan carefully planned every aspect of the transition, so that we were able to successfully accomplish the move over one weekend, and resume operation on Monday morning without any interruption in service. Ryan understands the effect of disruptive change on people, and is able to create the conditions for achieving success."


David Janzen     CFO, Fountain Tire Ltd.

Leadership Engagement

The business world needs braver leaders and more courageous cultures. Heartfelt strives to be the conduit in supporting and developing leaders through authentic engagement and the active development of the whole-person.

< What clients are saying >

"During a difficult transition in my career, I lost the motivation to consider what the possibilities were for me to move on and define and create something even better for myself. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with Ryan in a trust filled coaching relationship. His intuitive ability to stay present alongside me when the most difficult thing for me was to be present with myself, made all the difference. Ryan blends a coach approach with a genuine desire to balance reality with possibility - a healing space that allowed me to rediscover the courage within and step in to the future with confidence."

Director, Learning & Development

"As I was stepping into a new role within our organization I was introduced to Ryan as a professional coach to assist, advise and support me through the most significant leadership transition of my career. Ryan’s authentic, balanced approach of coaching, mentoring, informing and challenging supported me individually, as well as my team, to create effective and meaningful relationships with our organization and one another.


My connection with Ryan has empowered me to grow as a valuable, contributor at the leadership table and within the organization. I have not only developed greater leadership capability, credibility and results professionally, I have also grown personally by discovering a degree of confidence, courage and fulfillment that I didn’t know was possible. Ryan is without question one of the most valuable contributors to my professional growth and personal fulfillment."


Director, People Services

Practice Areas

“Ryan has a proven track record of resolving complex problems. He has the unique trait of listening when others only hear.


I would recommend him as a trustworthy advisor.” 


—  Brian Hesje

Community Builder
Former Chairman of Alberta Treasury Branch
Former President, CEO & Chairman of Fountain Tire Ltd.

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